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Information Regarding Delays & Cancellations

Walking on a snowy road

As we enter the winter season, we want to share information about how delays and/or cancellations are decided as well as how they will be shared with our school community.

Guidelines for Delays/Cancellations due to Weather

  • Weather conditions can vary and be extreme.

  • WCS has students from all areas of Wabash county as well as surrounding counties.  As a result, varying weather and/or road conditions could be present on our transportation routes.

  • On days with possible inclement weather, WCS will take the following steps to decide upon a delay and/or cancellation.

  • The transportation department will drive roads to determine if conditions warrant a delay/cancellation.

  • Transportation department will collaborate with neighboring districts.

  • Superintendent will also collaborate with superintendents in neighboring districts.

  • Delays/cancellations will be shared via the following TV and radio stations as well as the following social media outlets:

  • TV stations:  WANE Channel 15, WPTA Channel 21, FW NBC Channel 33

  • Radio stations:  105.9 The Bash, 95.9 WKUZ

  • Social media:  Wabash City Schools Facebook page, Dr. Sivley’s Facebook page, Dr. Sivley’s Twitter page (@WabashSuper)

  • WCS District Call Out:  To ensure you receive the call, please add “WCS Auto Dialer” (260-563-0000) as a contact in your phone.

  • Delays will be communicated by 6:45 a.m.; cancellations will be communicated by 8:45 a.m.

  • Freezing Rain--most unpredictable; decisions will most likely be made in the morning

  • Snowfall--more predictable than freezing rain; because of the variation in predictions and actual snowfall, decisions will most likely be made in the morning

  • Extreme Snowfall-- snowfall is extreme or it at a high level with more predicted overnight; decisions could be made the evening before or in the morning

  • Extreme Cold--WCS has a large number of students that walk to school and bus stops; if temperatures are at or near -10 degrees (with calm winds), WCS will consider delaying/canceling

  • Windchill (see chart below)--frostbite can occur when windchill is at or below -20 degrees; when windchill is at or near this level, WCS will consider delaying/canceling

Wind Chill Chart

Please know that in all decisions around weather, student safety is our top priority!

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