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Student Drop Off & Pick Up

School Drop off

We would like to remind families about drop off/pick up procedures at each building.

At LH Carpenter, parents should pull in by the church. You will follow the track behind the school around the soccer field. Staff members will come and get your student out of the car and escort them into the building. You will do the same procedure for pick up with students being escorted out to your car.

At OJ Neighbours, please pull in on the north drive by the church. You will take a left into the parking lot and circle the outside of the lot. Staff will be outside to greet your students when they get out of the car. In the afternoon, you will follow the procedure. Students will be able to get into the car when you are at the curb.

At the middle school, you will enter off of Harrison Street. Students should be dropped off near the flagpole. When parents exit, please circle back around and exit on Harrison Street. The same procedure is used for pick up.

High school drop off and pick up will be in the horseshoe. In the morning, Door #3 will be open for students from 8:10 to 8:30 a.m.

Middle and high school students should not be dropped off or picked up where the buses drop off and pick up. Please do not enter the parking lot using Colerain Street off of Miami Street.

Regardless of where you are dropping off/picking up, we ask that you keep a watchful eye for students and drive slowly.


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