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23-24 Calendar Revision for April 8th Solar Eclipse

WCS Calendar Revision graphic

Back in December we announced that we moved a professional development (PD) day to April 8th. This change would extend spring break and enable students to witness the eclipse, which is scheduled to take place during the time students would typically be on buses or getting ready for dismissal. However, we have to make a small modification to that plan.

Due to an error in interpretation with our 1003 Flexibility Waiver, the day that we had a 3-hour delay will not count as an instructional day for us.  Several Indiana schools were affected by the Department of Education's new interpretation.

As a result, we need an additional student day in our calendar. At the Monday, March 18th WCS Board of Education meeting, the Board approved changing the eclipse day, Monday, April 8, 2024, to an eLearning Day. Students are still able to travel to see the historic eclipse. This change also allows staff who want to travel that day to witness the eclipse the flexibility to do just that. This change is reflected in our updated 2023-2024 school calendar.

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