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NWEA Fall Testing

NWEA Testing quiz graphic

Monday, September 11th marks the first day of our fall NWEA testing window. NWEA assessments are given to all students in grades K-12. Most students are tested in math and English language arts. This test provides teachers with actionable information about student learning and future growth. NWEA data is valuable because teachers use it to help them design lessons to fill in any gaps in student learning.

The last day of NWEA testing is September 22. Teachers will spend time on their own and in their professional learning community (PLC) teams to analyze NWEA data. This data will help teachers learn which students might benefit from intervention. This testing platform is paid for by the Indiana Department of Education through the Formative Assessment Grant.

NWEA is not a graded assessment, it is a measuring tool. Students don’t need to worry about studying any specific content. If they just go to bed early and be sure to eat something for breakfast, they will be just fine! We appreciate any efforts to make sure students are present during NWEA testing.


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