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2023-2024 Assessment Calendar

Wabash City Schools has published their assessment (testing) calendar for the 2023-2024 school year. The assessments covered in this calendar are as follows:

  • NWEA | Grades PK-12

  • PSAT | Grades 8-11

  • WIDA | English Language Learners in all grades

  • SAT | Grade 11 *All students take it and it's always free at WHS!

  • IREAD | Grade 2-3

  • IAM | Students with significant cognitive disabilities

  • ILEARN | Grade 3-8 & 10

  • STAMP | DLI students Grade 2-6

  • AP Testing | High School Students taking AP Courses

The full calendar is below, but can also be found on our Resources page or accessed with this link. Students, make sure you go to bed early and have breakfast so you're ready to do your best!

Wabash assessment calendar


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