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Superintendent's Message

Dr. Amy K. Sivley

Dr. Amy K. Sivley

As I begin my 2nd year as the superintendent of Wabash City Schools, I am thrilled to be leading the district through the transformation to a Professional Learning Community.  Working as a Professional Learning Community (PLC) involves teachers and administrators collaboratively working to ensure that all students learn at high levels.  The early stages of the PLC process has our schools working to create a guaranteed and viable curriculum.  The PLC process also provides teachers the opportunity to learn and grow from each other.


District Information:

Since 1869, Wabash City Schools has been serving the students and families of Wabash, Indiana.  The district’s mission has three focus areas:

College & Career Ready: All students will leave either Enrolled in post-secondary education; Employed at a living wage; or Enlisted in the military.
Relationships, Relevance, Rigor: The 3 R’s—Relationships, Relevance, & Rigor—should be at the bedrock of all teaching and learning.
Success in Global Community: All students will leave with the relevant skills, knowledge and dispositions for success in a global community.
Our students begin their individual educational journey at L.H. Carpenter Early Learning Center.  LHC was the first elementary school in our county to offer a Spanish dual language immersion program.  Our elementary students have opportunities to explore a variety of future careers.  Additionally, O.J. Neighbours Elementary leads the State of Indiana in percentage of students who have a College 529 Savings Plan. 

Wabash Middle School understands the whole child and is structured to help students transition from upper elementary to entering the adolescent world of high school.  Students entering Wabash Middle School as 5th graders remain in self-contained classrooms and transition to rotation, content specific classes in 6th grade.  Wabash Middle School students experience all levels of academic support culminating with all 8th grade students having the opportunity to fully participate in one or more high school classes. 8th grade students graduate from Wabash Middle School with an average of 5.8 high school credits.  This effort leads students to the opportunity of taking full advantage of all WHS has to offer as a CELL endorsed Early College High School, with the hopes of achieving the Indiana College Core Certificate.   Wabash Middle School is one of only a handful of middle schools in the nation that receives early scholarship distributions toward their 529 College Savings plan for academic and asset-building behaviors.  A legacy for all, and supporting students on the journey to being college and/or career ready upon graduation guide our daily practices, supporting our students goals and lifelong aspirations. 


Wabash High School offers a wide range of career pathways to all students, including business, education, health science, computer science, engineering, liberal studies, and professional certification. In 2015, Wabash High School was initially endorsed as one of 13 early college high schools in the State of Indiana.  Heartland Career Center also received their endorsement in 2021.  In partnership with Ivy Tech University, Indiana University Kokomo, and Heartland Career Center,  Wabash High School provides students with the opportunity to earn transferable college credits and advanced certifications that are equivalent to completing one year of college or technical school.  Because of our commitment to ensuring all students reach their full potential, Wabash City Schools provides the PSAT/SAT for all students, leading the state of Indiana in the percentage of high school seniors who participate in the SAT. 


Wabash City Schools’ success is built on our commitment to offering a relevant and rigorous education based on a shared mission.  However, our real success is in our commitment to building relationships.  Wabash City Schools offers 35 different clubs and organizations and 19 different athletic opportunities to ensure we can offer something for everyone.  We are proud to serve the students and families of Wabash City Schools.

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