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Wabash High School Engineering Team Advances to State Finals

Wabash High School Engineering Team

In a remarkable achievement for Wabash High School, the Engineering Capstone group, led by seniors Izaak Wright, Erin Stellar, and Spencer Stout, has emerged as a state finalist in the prestigious Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition. Out of 300 schools nationwide, they are among the select few moving forward to Phase 2, bringing recognition not only to their talent but also to our entire school district.

The Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition is highly competitive, with a pool of applicants presenting some of the most innovative ideas across the nation. The esteemed panel of judges has acknowledged the exceptional quality of this year's submissions. At the national level, the stakes are high, with prizes reaching up to $100,000 in scholarships and grants, including a guaranteed prize of $25,000.

Under the guidance of Mr. Denney, an outstanding educator with a passion for engineering and innovation, our students have flourished! His leadership has been instrumental in shaping their project, and his commitment to the program extends beyond the classroom.

The heart of their project lies in addressing a local challenge with a global impact – sustainability. The team studied the intricacies of recycling plastic within our community, identifying inefficiencies and barriers. The students developed an innovative solution: an In-Home Plastic Repurposing/Reprocessing Machine. Their dedication and ingenuity earned the team a $2,500 grant! This grant will enable the purchase of engineering technology for their classroom, fostering an environment of continual innovation.

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow logo

As the Wabash High School group advances into the next phase, they have a unique opportunity to transform their idea into a fully realized product. In this phase, they are competing with the other five Indiana schools to become the State Champion, which will earn them $12,000 and entry into the national competition in the spring.

As Wabash City Schools proudly celebrates the success of Izaak Wright, Erin Stellar, and Spencer Stout, as well as Mr. Denney's engineering program, we look forward to witnessing the impact of their In-Home Plastic Repurposing/Reprocessing Machine. This journey is a testament to the power of education, innovation, and the support of Wabash High School to offer this programming. We are so proud of these kids and Wabash High School!


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