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OJ Neighbors: Indiana’s First Elementary Banner School in Special Olympics Recognition

OJ Neighbours recognized as Special Olympics Banner School graphic

O. J. Neighbors Elementary has made history by becoming the first elementary school in the state to achieve “Banner School” status through the Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools National Recognition Program.

This prestigious recognition highlights the school’s commitment to fostering an inclusive educational environment where students with and without intellectual disabilities learn together. O. J. Neighbors Elementary has achieved this distinction by promoting inclusivity through various programs and initiatives, including Special Olympics Unified Sports and clubs.

The school’s dedication to inclusivity extends beyond sports, involving students in shaping the school’s culture and promoting unity among peers. This recognition serves as an inspiration for other schools to prioritize diversity and inclusivity in their educational programs.

Principal Beth Phillipy expressed her gratitude for the entire school community and their commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where every student can succeed.

O. J. Neighbors Elementary’s achievement is a shining example of how schools can make a real difference in the lives of their students and the broader community, reinforcing the value of inclusivity and compassion in education. We are so proud! #OnlyAtWCS #WeAreWabash #Legacy


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