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Exploring Futures: College Go Week at Wabash City Schools

College Go Week Graphic

College Go Week at Wabash City Schools has always been something special. Wabash Early College High School maintains strong connections to our higher education partners and we always balance that with career training and vocational exploration. This evidenced by the fact that WCS sends more students to Heartland Career Center than any other district. College Go Week is not just about showcasing the path to a traditional four-year college degree; it's about empowering students to explore a wide range of educational and career opportunities, including vocational options that can lead them to high paying, living wage jobs right out of high school.

College Go Week at Wabash City Schools is a time of celebration and exploration. We have lots of activities planned to engage students and staff–from door decorating contests to Heartland Career Center visits. WCS loves College Go Week! Below are some of the activities we have planned.

College Trivia Activities: What better way to kick off the week than with some fun and educational college trivia? Our students engage in exciting activities that test their knowledge of colleges and universities in Indiana and across the nation.

Virtual Reality Career Exploration: Thanks to a grant for some cutting-edge technology called an Oculus, our students will embark on immersive virtual reality career exploration journeys. They get a firsthand look at various careers and industries, helping them visualize their future.

Visits to Heartland Career Center: As part of our commitment to vocational career exploration, middle school students have the opportunity to visit the Heartland Career Center. They get a glimpse of the skills and expertise required in high-demand career fields that they can pursue in high school.

Free College Applications: College affordability is crucial, and during College Go Week, we ensure that applying to college is accessible to all. Students have the chance to apply to many Indiana colleges for free, removing financial barriers on their journey to higher education. To learn more about the free applications, check out this link.

Freshman 4-Year Planning Conferences: Our freshmen engage in 4-year planning conferences, where they receive personalized guidance on academic and career goals, setting the stage for a successful high school journey. These meetings include the student, parent/guardians, WHS advisor, administration, and guidance counselors. #OnlyAtWCS

Student and Staff College Dress-Up Days: We celebrate school spirit and college readiness with themed dress-up days. Students and staff alike come to school dressed to impress, showcasing their favorite colleges and future career interests.

College Go Week at Wabash City Schools is about ensuring that every student feels supported, empowered, and equipped to make informed decisions about their post-secondary journey. Multiple buildings will be giving career interest assessments. Whether they aspire to earn a four-year degree or embark on a vocational career, we're here to help them every step of the way.

As we embark on another exciting College Go Week, we invite our students, parents, and community members to join us in celebrating the future – one that is as diverse as the dreams and aspirations of our students!


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