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WCS Hall of Distinction

Wabash City Schools Hall of Distinction is intended to preserve the history and traditions of of our schools and acknowledge the remarkable individuals who shaped it. The recognition of past graduates and those affiliated with WCS for their significant contributions will serve to provide a model for future generations. The Hall of Distinction seeks to highlight the past in order to ensure a promising future. 

Vintage W logo of Wabash City Schools

Wabash City Schools organizes our exemplary graduates and patrons in the Hall of Distinction by induction class. Each distinguished member is nominated by our members of our community and approved by our Hall of Distinction Committee. 

Class of 2014-2015

Class of 2015-2016

Class of 2016-2017

Class of 2017-2018
Class of 2019-2020
Class of 2023-2024
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