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Global Exchange
Photo of Japanese students and Wabash students
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With nearly 8 billion people in the world, it’s endless what we can learn from one other. From the rich and diverse culture of Japan experienced through the annual cherry blossoms, sushi or samurai to the excitement of professional fútbol games or communal mate found in Argentina’s traditional customs, the world is a mosaic of people and customs. Wabash City Schools highly values the vast diversity of people, cultures, and customs found around the world.


One of Wabash City Schools’ core pillars is Citizenship. WCS embraces the global community and firmly believes global experiences strengthen our students' intellectual growth, and helps us achieve our mission for student success in a global community. We have been fortunate to have many opportunities for global experiences ranging from student exchanges to international sister city partnerships to dual language classes. All of our global programming is encompassed by our Global Wabash Department in collaboration with our city government and economic development office, Grow Wabash County

Global Wabash was formed as an umbrella for international projects and activities in the city of Wabash. It encompasses Wabash City Schools’ dual language immersion, J-1 exchange students, short (B-1 visa) and long (F-1 visa) term international students programs, teacher exchanges, and sister city development.

Wabash City Schools strives for global citizenship for all students. To help achieve that, Wabash High School is a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) Certified School. We have worked for years to develop this program and we are now one of the few Indiana high schools eligible to offer an F-1 visa to international students for one year of study. WCS also offers a shorter term International Educational Exchange program.

Dual Language Immersion

Our DLI program spans preschool through middle school. Student learn in Spanish for half of the day and English the other half.

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International Students

These are full time students who attend our high school using an F-1 visa to pursue academics in the US. 

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Exchange Students 

These are short term students or visitors to our schools. These students have B1 or J1 visas. 

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Exchange Student Homestay

Hosting an exchange student is a rewarding and enjoyable experience that helps our students and community.

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