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Ambassador Program

Community Education Engagement



One of Wabash City Schools’ foundational pillars is Relationships. The relationship with the community served by Wabash City Schools is fundamental to its success. Wabash City Schools is attempting to break down the barriers of school operational complexity by inviting community members and parents to serve as ambassadors in a new program. The Wabash Ambassadors program is an engaging, year-long learning experience for select Wabash community leaders and school district parents to enjoy a deeper understanding of Wabash City Schools. Program participants are exposed to all facets of running a district, including business management, academic programs, student services, operations and more.

Ambassador Opportunities

  • Gain first-hand, "behind the scenes" knowledge of how Wabash City Schools functions

  • Experience the engaging learning style used with students

  • Participate in an extended dialogue with leadership on education issues

  • Develop an understanding of how Wabash City Schools has created a unique culture of educational excellence and innovation


Ambassador graduates are partners in sharing Wabash City Schools’ vision throughout the community and will be invited to continue to engage with the district through future project team and input gathering opportunities. There are eight class sessions that meet from 8:00AM-10:00AM on preselected dates throughout the year. 

People networking
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