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Background Check

Please read the background check policy first before proceeding.


Adopted 9/21/15
In an effort to keep our schools safe, all volunteers must complete a volunteer criminal background check request and be approved as a volunteer prior to volunteering. This must be completed at least two (2) weeks prior to the event in which the volunteer chooses to participate in.

Volunteer background checks are completed on the school corporation’s web-site, www.apaches.k12.in.us by each individual. Wabash City School uses Safe-Hiring Solutions and also checks the National Registry database for sex offenders.

When evaluating volunteer criminal background checks, if the following charges appear on a volunteer background check, the volunteer will not be permitted to volunteer in our schools.

1.Any felony or misdemeanor arrest or conviction that has not been expunged.
2.Any substantiated report of child abuse or neglect.
3.Any misrepresentation on the volunteer request.
4.Any other civil or criminal charge not mentioned above, but determined to be a risk to students.

Volunteer background checks are valid for 5 years and can/may be revoked at any time. After 5 years volunteers will be required to complete a new volunteer request and the status as a volunteer will be reconsidered.

If a volunteer is not permitted to volunteer, he/she may make an appeal to the Superintendent of Schools in writing to be re-considered.
After submitting your background check, contact our office at 563-2151 in 7-10 days.

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