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iPad Insurance

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Wabash City Schools is proud to partner with Secured Tech Solutions to offer our families an opt-in accidental insurance program for their student's iPad. For only $25.00 our parents can purchase an insurance policy and never pay another dime (iPad only) until July of 2022. This is a unique offer and great benefit beyond the repair discounts currently offered by WCS.
Currently, WCS pays 50% of the first 2 damages to the device assigned to each student. The third and following damages are full priced repairs. This current plan costs parents nothing at all. This new opt-in accidental insurance plan costs a one-time payment of $25. There are no future copays for damage. The insurance only covers the iPad, not the case. The iPad case should NEVER be removed by anyone other than the Building Technician in each building. The costs of our current repair plan are below. 
Parents and guardians can sign up for this opt-in accident insurance using the link below. The policy is paid directly to Secured Tech Solutions and does not benefit WCS in any way. This was negotiated and designed strictly as a benefit of additional insurance for parents. The policy runs from April 1st 2021 till July 2022. This policy does not cover the iPad case. Parents and guardians are still responsible for damage to the case or lost parts of the case. 
Graphic of WCS Accidental Damage Program
Frequently Asked Questions
Parents use the portal link to sign up for the plan. The plan costs $25 and provides coverage until July of 2022. If your student damages the iPad, they simply take the iPad to the Building Technician and we take care of the rest. We will mail the iPad to Secured Tech Solutions and provide support for the repair and return the repaired device back to your student. You will not be invoiced for any covered repair (not including the case). 
If a student device has ADP, the only possible charges would be for a damaged or lost iPad case, which should NEVER be removed. The other possible charge would be for negligent damage. If your student intentionally damages the iPad and/or case you are still responsible for the cost of those damages. The ADP policy is for accidental damage only. 
Nothing happens if you don't purchase ADP, you simply continue to follow the current repair plan outlined in the image above. This plan has been in place since your student received their iPad. 
Parents and guardians will have another opportunity to sign up for ADP prior to the start of the 2021-2022 school year during online registration. However it will be the same price of $25 and run until the same time--July 2022. Therefore the purchase of this plan now, provides you with an additional 4 months of coverage at no additional cost. This is one of the primary reasons we chose to partner with Secured Tech Solutions. We may offer this plan in December of 2021 for a reduced rate for the remaining semester of coverage. 
When your student was assigned their iPad, they were given a brand new cube charger and charging cord. If your student's charger or cord is lost or damaged, you can just replace it yourself. We made this decision since so many families already have chargers at home. Replacement chargers or cords can be purchase locally at places like Walmart or CVS or ordered online. If this is not a good option for you, WCS can sell you a charger, but that would priced at our cost. Have your student contact their Building Technician for details.