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Wabash City Schools has spent the last few years trying to find an alternative way to build-in professional development time for our staff without using eLearning days as so many other schools have. The major barriers are the cost of paying staff for extra contract days, the Department of Education's school schedule guidelines, and our own staff's obligations as parents and coaches. As those in the private sector know, this is a commonplace issue in every industry in the economy. Every business makes time to meet with their staff, collaborate, and learn. However, every business doesn't have the supervision of students to schedule around. After exhausting every option we could find, WCS has finally come to the conclusion that eLearning days are the only reasonable option schools have to collaborate and learn as a staff.


After coming to this conclusion, WCS has spent months studying and preparing to implement eLearning days with our students and staff.  Collaborating with eLearning established schools, meeting the state guidelines, our in-house Tech Team, and doing practice eLearning days has prepared WCS to offer quality learning experiences for our students at all grade levels utilizing best practices for eLearning. 

The purpose of eLearning days at WCS is to allow time for teacher and staff professional development to better service our students. This type of eLearning day will include IPAD Training, CANVAS training, Safety Seminars, Social Emotional Learning Training, and IUK Climate Survey work, etc. to train and coordinate our staff to better serve our students.


Below you will find an update on eLearning as of March 19th as well as our eLearning Policies. If you have any questions, contact your student's building principal or email [email protected]