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Online Registration

Welcome to Online Registration!
WCS online registration announcement
We are very excited to have the convenience of online registration at Wabash City Schools! We hope this will allow our parents and guardians more flexibility and time to complete the duties of school registration. 
We realize some people don't have access to a home computer. Wabash City Schools can provide a computer at our administration office at 189 W Market St.
The most important thing parents/guardians can do now is to make sure you can log into Skyward. If you have simply forgotten your password, just use the "Forgot Login/Password" link on the login page if we have your email on file. 
--Online Registration typically takes place after the first week or two of July.
--You may start and stop and your progress will be saved (after you "complete step..").
--NO FEES will be collected during registration.  Course fees and other fees will be billed no earlier than 2 weeks after school begins to allow for schedule changes. We use the online pay service called "RevTrak".
--You must use your parent/guardian account. Online registration is not available on your student's account.
Online Registration Basics Tutorial
The first step is to visit our school website and click on the link for Skyward--in the red box
WCS website screenshot
Log into Skyward. We mailed home guardian's username and password after school ended. If your password was blank it meant you have logged in before and changed the password. If you don't remember, you can simply hit "Forgot your Login/Password". If you lost those papers or never received them, you can contact your school's office for the username and password. 
Wabash City Schools Skyward Login page
After you login, you will see the main screen with the various Skyward tabs on the left. There are several links you can use to begin Online Registration. 
Skyward Family access screenshot
If you have more than 1 student and you click on the Online Registration tab another menu will pop up that lets you select which student you want to begin. Click either student's link to begin online registration. 
Skyward Family Access screenshot of student options
Depending on the size of your screen/window, there could be some hidden buttons. On the left, you can see the "Next" button, but on the screenshot on the right, the button is hidden--all you have to do is scroll down or resize the window.
Skyward Online registration screen 1 Skyward online registration screen 2
Another thing to be aware of is the "View Full Screen" button (in red below). Some of these registration screens are wider than the window allows--even if you stretch it--the answer is the "View Full Screen" button. The screenshot on the right is the same screen, but in "Full Screen". It removes the sidebars. You can click "Exit Full Screen" to get the sidebars back. 
 Online registration screenshot without full screen view clicked Online registration with full screen view clicked 
As you progress through the various screens, such as 1a below, you will click the "Complete Step 1a and move to Step 1b" button at the bottom (below left). Once you click the "Complete Step..." button, that will save your progress. When your step is completed and your progress has been saved, you will see a green checkmark next to that step on the right sidebar (below right). You can exit online registration and come back to it later, before online registration closes. 
Online registration screenshot of screen with complete step button highlighted Online registration screenshot of completed step
Some fields of information are optional, some are required. If you skip a required step, you will get a popup warning and the field you need to fill in will be in red as you see below.
Online registration screenshot that shows the popup warning that a required field is blank