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 Wabash City Schools Technology Mission
Reliable Infrastructure  
Our first priority in the technology department is to ensure our equipment and infrastructure are reliable, efficient, and safe for all stakeholders.
Professional Development
We want to provide support and leadership to all aspects of technology use, from troubleshooting to pedagogy, we will offer relevant professional development to our stakeholders.

Improved Communication
We want to model exemplary communication to keep the stakeholders up-to-date on what is happening and support their classroom needs.
Support Learning  
Our ultimate goal is to support learning.  The infrastructure, professional development, and communication initiatives are designed to support staff and students and their pursuit of learning.
Indiana 1:1 computing distribution
Wabash City Schools was one of the earliest adopters in Indiana of the one-to-one computing concept. The days of computer labs and limited access are over. Every student at Wabash City Schools has their own iPad or MacBook. 
We believe the Internet provides resources, access, and communication tools that can't be matched my traditional education resources such as textbooks. We also believe that students need to learn in the same environment in which they live. While our students still use paper and read physical books, we are preparing them for a 21st Century world and workplace.
Safety is our number one priority, online or otherwise. We have a sophisticated filter on our entire network and also a mobile filter on all devices for those students who are able to take them home. We do our best to educate our stakeholders about the dangers and best practices when online. In addition we have several convocations that help to further guide our students toward safe use of Internet and technology in general. 
We do everything we can here at school, but no system is perfect and we the Internet is always changing, so we need parent/guardian help at home. It's always a good idea to keep the computer in a common area as opposed to up in a bedroom or other secluded area. We like to think of these as a kitchen table device because that is the best place for it. 
To help maintain expectations, we have an Acceptable Use Policy to guide student behavior using technology and working on the Internet.
One of the main reasons we chose MacBooks was for the incredible creative power to make podcasts, videos, and other modern media that provides students with lots of options to express and demonstrate their understanding of a given topic. The other main reason we for durability. These all aluminum-body laptops are one of the most durable computers on the market.
As durable as the MacBook Air is, it's not indestructible and they are definitely not waterproof. We have taken great steps to reduce breakage, and most students have their computer for 4 or 5 years and never have a break. If they are properly cared for students should never have an issue. 
  • Don't put open liquid contains near the computer
  • Always put it on a flat sturdy surface
  • Only move it when its in the bag
  • Don't carry it by the screen
  • Don't ever strike the computer or be rough with it
If students follow these basic steps, they won't have any trouble, but if they do break their computer they will be billed for it. The bill parents pay is GREATLY reduced from the actual replacement cost that WCS pays. For example a new screen costs $455.99 from Apple, but we only charge students $100. The fees for various types of damage are on the left. If you believe the computer has ever been stolen, you MUST file a police report.
Wabash City Schools Internet Safety Rack Card
Wabash City Schools Internet Safety Rack Card