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WCS Foundation Fund

Wabash City Schools seeks to build a legacy of opportunity for all. In an effort to advance that legacy and leverage the relationships we have in our community and abroad, WCS is proud to announce a partnership with the Community Foundation of Wabash County to create a 501(c)(3) called the Wabash City Schools Foundation Fund. This fund uses the framework of our 5 organizational pillars: Relationships, Innovation, Academics, Wellness (and Safety), and Citizenship.  
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We credit our Relationships pillar with much of the success WCS has experienced. We work tirelessly to reach out to parents, businesses, non-profits, higher education, and many other partners in our community and throughout the world.  One of our closes partnerships is with the Community Foundation of Wabash County. They are enthusiastic advocates of so many great initiatives in our community.
The Community Foundation will facilitate the WCS Foundation Fund and so that our donors can receive a tax benefit while supporting the mission of Wabash City. We believe this fund will continue to support the mission and vision of WCS while extending a much deserved tax benefit to our donor base. 
Donors can choose the focus of their gift, be it a one-time donation, automatic deductions, or estate allocations to one of the pillar categories listed below. Tax-deductible donations can be made today online at by clicking this link or by mailing your donation to the Community Foundation of Wabash County, 105 West Second Street,Suite 100, North Manchester, IN 46962, with the memo "Wabash City Schools Foundation Fund".
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In support of programs and initiatives aimed at building and strengthening relationships with all stakeholders.
  Examples include but are not limited to mentorships and internships, student clubs, athletic and non-athletic extra curricular activities, improved facilities especially those that may involve community use, and many others.
In support of programs and initiatives aimed at providing students leading-edge, innovative, learning opportunities which are linked to high paying vocations and the acquisition of skills required to compete in a global economy. Examples include but are not limited to professional development, hardware and software related to information technology, advanced manufacturing, bio-medical fields, research and design, and many others.
In support of programs and initiatives aimed at advancing academic rigor, student achievement, and impactful teaching.  Examples include but are not limited to forms of professional development, curriculum design and implementation, outstanding teaching awards and bonuses, conference fees and tuition, career training, fees for testing, and many others.
In support of wellness and safety programs and initiatives aimed at addressing the physical health, social and emotional well-being, and development and safety of students. Examples include but are not limited to nutrition and diet, exercise and discipline, medical diagnostics, conflict resolution, social worker needs, mental health counseling, family consumer science curriculum, personal finance, child development, and many others.
In support of programs and initiatives aimed at advancing greater citizenship qualities in our students to include critical thinking skills, civic responsibility, global perspectives, international student exchanges, and community service activities. Examples include but are not limited to exploration and enrichment of humanities and fine arts, abroad studies, international exchange programming, development of community volunteer opportunities, and many others.